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About Naturcontact

Naturcontact was founded in 2018 by a group of friends (Matteo, Jasmin, Luke and Ellie) with a strong passion about hiking and outdoor activities. We wanted to constantly optimise and improve our gear, starting with the shoes. That's how it all started and after years of passion and hard work we managed to create the revolutionary Contact 2.0 footwear collection together with a team of orthopaedists.

If you are like us you are in the right place. At Naturcontact you will find professional support and personally tested equipment. With enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge, we offer you products that put quality first.

China prices, German quality & US established Company

Naturcontact's strength is quality at a good price. We don't like to compromise and we strive for excellence, but without making our products unaffordable.

Our secret lies in the Chinese factories that produce our shoes, but with a substancial difference from our competitors.

Naturcontact is a US established company based in Sheridan (Wyoming) and the team contacted our German partners, as barefoot shoes were born originally in Germany. A collaboration took place with a team of German manufacturers and in 2018 their machinery and staff were sent to train our local team to export German quality, processes and tools. For this reason, after a few years of transition, we are excelling in quality at a very competitive price and for this reason we are proud to offer 12 months warranty on all our products.

Our mission

Our team has grown over the years with the goal of developing the perfect combination of durable, high quality footwear while providing a sense of freedom through lightness and adaptable fit.

Today, we are proud of our products range and we believe that you will find the right shoes for your specific purpose, but we also work hard to find the best solutions to further improve our quality and customer satisfaction.

45.545+ satisfied customers

We already have over 25.000 satisfied customers and are in the process of expanding our product range. Our goal is to sell an experience and a lifestyle, improving customers wellness and health, so you can feel comfortable with our shoes and for us to do our part in creating great memories and adventures, starting from your feet!

Thank you for your support

It's thanks to people like you that all this is possible. The satisfaction of our customers has always been our goal to persevere even in difficult times. We are very happy about this and we sincerely thank you for your trust.

If you have any questions about Naturcontact products, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer team either by email or via the contact form, we will be happy to help!