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Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to our most-asked questions regarding Naturcontact barefoot shoes. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, email us at info@naturcontact.us, or fill out the contact form.

We aim to answer all Emails within 24 hours (Mon - Fri) and we do check our inbox regularly and answer as many emails as we can. During busy times of the year, we receive a high volume of emails. We’re constantly growing our team and always looking to improve response times.

Our shoes are designed to go anywhere, regardless of the environment. They are optimal for any surface, including water, hiking trails, and asphalt.

Each product page features a sizing guide to help you find the correct shoe size. Consult these sizing guides, as they may differ from traditional shoe sizes.

You may wear Naturcontact shoes with or without socks based on your preference. Wearing socks will not impede the benefits of our barefoot shoes.

We recommend to clean your Naturcontact barefoot shoes by hand, 0% soap and ambient temperature water. Make sure to remove any laces and insoles. Use a damp cloth (ideally microfibre) and a soft brush to remove debris and particles, then apply the soap and scrub with a soft brush or sponge. Rinse well with water and leave the shoes dry for the required time until they are completely dry (avoid direct contact with sunlight or heat sources). Finally you can apply a protective spray and they are ready to go. Alternatively can be washed on washing machine on gentle cycles at low temperature and without dry function.

Yes, our accessories section includes replacement soles specifically designed for Naturcontact barefoot shoes.

Heel spurs arise from overloading the heel or experiencing ongoing load imbalance. Walking barefoot is the best way to treat heel spurs, and our barefoot shoes help support your feet while protecting them from other hazards.

Foot malposition is a leading cause of knee, hip, and back problems. Naturcontact shoes train a wider range of foot muscles to promote pain-free movement in the future. However, with persistent pain, it’s always a good idea to consult a doctor.

Barefoot running, or running in barefoot shoes, offers a variety of benefits, including: Freedom of movement for the feet, reactivation and strengthening of the foot muscles, basis for healthy foot development, better blood circulation, activation of the vein pump sensory feedback. The stronger ground feeling also leads to better balance and sure-footedness, as the body can optimally adjust to the ground conditions. As a result, the natural gait is maintained, the joints can move freely and naturally and perform their task unhindered.

Our customers have reported that the soft upper material of our barefoot shoes has helped reduce pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint. Frequent movement in bare feet or barefoot shoes is excellent to help relieve symptoms. Just remember that it’s best to start slowly so as not to aggravate any foot-related condition.

Our shoes will not be structurally damaged from these environments. However, after exposing your Naturcontact barefoot shoes to saltwater or chlorinated water, rinse them thoroughly with fresh water to help prevent discoloration.

Please make sure Capital letters will be correctly applied when required and be aware that discount codes are not cumulative. If a discount code still doesn't work it means it has expired. For further questions contact us at info@naturcontact.us

Yes, the grip design resists slipping on wet or sandy surfaces, and the increased foot mobility provided by our shoes can help prevent injury.

All Naturcontact models except for Arctic Contact 2.0 (which should be hand washed only) can be placed in the washing machine at 30 C on the gentle cycle. That said, it’s preferable to hand clean soiled areas with a damp cloth free of detergent. Washing the laces in a washing machine can increase fraying, so they should always be hand washed.

Naturcontact shoes are almost 100% vegan, just a very limited part of the shoes can contain trace of animal raw material. These are not direct animal components, but processing aids based on fatty acids, where the starting materials may be of animal origin. However, we are constantly working on optimising our products and the material composition and strive to use alternatives of plant origin for our products to reach 100% vegan shoes.

Processing is 1-3 days, and shipping is 4-7 days, meaning you can generally expect your new shoes to arrive in under 9 days at most.

Yes, if you find your new shoes don’t fit, you can start an exchange by emailing info@naturcontact.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you promptly to process an exchange.

We do not offer free returns at this time. However, we do offer free standard shipping on shoe orders. We will send you a free pair of shoes for defects or warranty claims. Returns can be initiated by emailing info@naturcontact.us

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